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Archives for July, 2010

Free Live Recording

so we’ve made a live show recording available for free download at the new brightmillion.com site! just click on the “music” tab then click on the right hand side of the page where it says “live show bootlegs” the track up there was recorded by a fan in las vegas @ the beauty bar. it’s […]


more tour dates….

frantically booking the next CA tour for sept/oct… seems to far away, BUT in the venue booking world its already getting booked up quick!  we’ve been focusing on our album writing/recording so much lately, that i havent had as much time as needed to book the tour… so i’ve spent the last couple days working […]


brightmillion.com gets a new look

hey! long time no blog…. we’ve been busy locked up in the studio working on new songs for the album and havnt been getting out much….
but, i have been working late nights to get the brightmillion.com website up and running… !!! i dont know anything about websites.. but it all seems to work, so cross […]


website html htmk htmj htnh htmd htrs hmmm

so…………… i’ve decided that good ol brightmillion.com needs to actually exist… well, its always existed i suppose.. but i figured it would actually be cool if it was a “one stop shop” for brightmillion…. so!!!!  go there now and check it out!! —  brightmillion.com     i’m still fixing a couple little things. but all […]