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Archives for March, 2010

Lettuce bloody lettuce

Not much action in the garden lately since I’ve been super focused on getting may tour together…. Nonstop booking emailing calling etc… But it all pays off since it looks we have 6 shows lined up so far! Hopefully at least a few more.
On the farm just tending to everything. Nothin new started recently. […]


On the road again…

Been spending the last few days frantically booking the Brightmillion may ‘010 tour!! We r trying to get 12-15 shOws over a 20 day stretch up the west coast….. This is the first time I have booked a tour… What a mess!!! Trying to get all the cities to line up on the right […]


30 lbs of FREE TANGERINES>…!!

i do love the fruit.. but i love FREE fruit even more  😉  my neighbor has an abundant tangerine tree, that for some reason is a nuisance for him… !!! i guess most people see fruit as something that falls of the tree, clutters the lawn, rots, then has to get raked up to be […]


starve a flu plant a cold

so i’ve been a bit under the weather this week… so have been TRYING to take it easy, but that is very hard for me… i dont think i know how to sit still.. so even when i am resting off a cold in bed,,, i find myself on the internet.. booking shows, browsing seed […]