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Archives for November, 2009

fruity harvest time

a beautiful sunny sunday here in la today..>!!!  and its fall harvest at its best… not here at brightmillion farm, but at our friend BD’s organic farm and orchard =) we drove out to his place today and scored!!! we’ll be eating good for a few weeks with the great fruit we took home with […]


locked up in the studio

long busy days in the studio this week… getting a mess of new songs written and demoed for the upcoming brightmillion record..  i’ve been tracking some drum parts today and yesterday,,, which i havnt been playing much drums these days, so my hands are a bit sore and blistered from the drum sticks and all […]


koffee & kale

i am not a huge fan of cold weather… but my favorite thing about fall is drinking hot coffee and tea to warm up… i like drinking coffee and tea as you’ve probably learned anytime, but there is something special and nostalgic about fall and coffee,, not sure exactly why or how, maybe it reminds […]


winter harvest

a pleasant perk of living in los angeles is that the vegetable growing season is all year long..!! none ofthis 4 months then snow business…..   of course, not everything will grow year round.. but there are still lots of yummy things that go all year, and some that even do better in the mild winters […]



well, its been FOREVER since i updated ye’ol blog….  been a bit under the weather lately,,, so have been laying around a lot… and forgetting to update and sor o f things, and forgetting to water all my new recently planted indoor seed trays..!!  i had a lot of great things starting to come up, 3 […]