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Archives for August, 2009

dandelion forest update!!

the front yard garden is a rockin… !!  both raised beds of chicory (dandelion) are HUGE and ABUNDANT…. lots and lots and lots of greensmoothies ahead  this household consumes a lot of greens, but not that even we can take all this down!! everything else is doing great too, still lots of zucchini for juicing, […]


last minute roadtrip….

long time no blog….. been crazy round here lately..,,, but back on the loggin wagin we go! a couple weeks ago we took a last minute 1 day roadtrip…>!  up to san jose to pick up some film lights with my friend christopher (who is gonna be shooting a new brightmillion video real soon,,,,,,) , […]


tomatoes as currency..

as you know the tomato farm is quite abundant this year… i was thinking about what else i can do with all these tomatoes. /…… BARTER!! since i can’t eat tomatoes for every meal.. that means other sorts of fruits and veggies will be necessary- and lukily, not everyone in the world only grows tomatoes—- […]