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Archives for July, 2009

brightmillion fundraiser.. Freeway Tomato Stand!!

hola, as promised on tonight’s LIVE stickam broadcast…  (every tues @ 8pm – stickam.com/brightmillion..)  i will be holding a FUNDRAISER tomorrow – july 29th, 2009..  to raise funds to record the next brightmillion EP!!  the fundraiser will be held here:
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if you click on the link, you’ll see a map of the location…
 yup, that’s […]


liquid feast day1 of 5

things have been SUPER busy around here.. and the coffee just isnt doin it for that extra energy boost.. so what to do..??  LIQUID FEAST!  i’ve found that the best way to get instant energy is by consuming fresh raw foods in liquid form.. it requires the least amount of energy/work from the body to […]



so it is official… brightmillion will be airing a LIVE webacst every tues night @ 8pm PST…!!!!  we will be broadasting from our Trumpertons Studio – mostly live performances, a little chit chat, a few magic tricks, a dancing cat or two, gardening tips, and raw food delicacies….  last week was our first show and […]


brightmillion TV is on the air…

the first brightmillion live studio webcast will be tonight! 10pm PST… tune in @ ustream.tv/brightmillion. we are treating it much like the first moon landing- unsure of the technology, possibly fuzzy picture, distored audio, and also the possibilty that it might actually be faked and being broadcast from a studio in new mexico…   hmmmmm
live chat room […]


Welcome to the Family

Hi! long time no blog…  thanks to everyone who came out to the Dragonfly in Hollywood last night for the first of 4 shows in the brightmillion July Residency! we had a great time and hope to see everyone there again next week. remember, the more shows you see,the more free stuff you get, so […]


when life hands you zucchinis…

they say, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade, well….. the second verse to that song is ‘when life hands you bucket loads of zucchini, make raw pasta!!”
of the many things you can do with overgrown abundant zucchini, such as juicing, liquid salads, doorstops, workout hand weights, playing catch with like a football, etc..   raw pasta is […]