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Archives for May, 2009

movietime, rockamole time

.latenight movie watching- ‘defiance’ with daniel craig, short break in the action for midnight (2:30am) snack– homemade rockamole and flax chips mmmmmmmm. whats in there???? avocado,cilantro,tomato,onion(from my garden!)fresh lemon juice,sea salt, black pepper . can’t wait til the tomato,cilantro and lemons are ready from the garden too…soon….
flax chips are tomato basil.
all raw. all […]


organic gardening part 1 of 1684782

.back in LA after a jaunt up the CA coast, went to monterey, saw hearst castle…i still need to upload the pics, so more on that in a later post.. today i’m out in the garden. i’ll quickly get you up to speed on the brightmillion organic farm- being that i eat a lot of […]


what you own owns you…

one of the never ending persuits of being in a band is aquiring more equipment!!! i try my best to always relinquish some gear when getting something new.. to stay in balance. but its never that easy! all of the sudden the spare drum kit that hasn’t been played in months seems hard to part […]


brightmillion blog debut post… welcome bloggertons

blog blog blog.. howdy world.. welcome to the new brightmillion blog. i’ll try my best to keep you updated on all things brightmillion.. lots of things happening. new recordings, new live shows. i’ll leak a secret here first.. we are putting together a launch for the brightmillion iRecordClub. its gonna be a new fan […]