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HEY !!
We are officially ON TOUR!!!
the final dates are posted below – 12 of them! — hope to see you out at a show 😉 we can for sure use your support while out on the road, so if you live in one of the cities that we are hitting, come on down — […]


we dont need no stinkin words

tony and i have been working on a new instrumental track to start the live shows with.. and we are gonna perform it live this sat @ tribal cafe for the first time….ooooooooo
its gonna be 43min long and consist only of feedback and kazoo. ok, so theres actually no kazoo. or feedback. but its turning […]


jan shows, pancakes, tornadoes

howdy! hope everyone is having a great new year- happy 2010!!  i suppose one of my new year’s resolutions should be to update this blog more often…….ha! i will… promise…. =)
brightmillion has been busy busy busy so far this year. i’d like to welcome new drummer to brightmillion – tony anthos!!!  tony and i have […]


T.G.I.A.F. (thank god its always friday)

ahhhhh friday… , again, one of the advantages of being a songwriter/farmer is that Everyday is Friday! days of the week don’t really have that much pull around here…. things get done when they need to get done, without The MAN telling me which days are work days and which are non-work days! which is […]


writing session stretches the bounds of human mental capacity

today was a smashing studio day.. athena marie and i finished up the writing of our song for the end credits of Free Willy 4. things are sounding great, athena cut all the vocals and now i am adding some more instrumentation and this evening will be the final mix (cuz it needs to be […]