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books make good friends too

i just added a bunch of books to the “now reading” sidebar in case you are at all interested in what ive been reading… mostly comedy books by penn jillette, adam carolla, daivd cross… and some music books about U2, aerosmith, zeppelin.. and a little bit of poetry. lessons ive learned – dont care […]


The log and winding road that keeps on winding and such ( dan passively implies for your $)

hi, its me, dan, from that band brightmillion, this is my blog that i never remember to write in, but each time that i do i say that im gonna get better at remembering to write in it, but then i never, do, and then a month passes, and then here i am writing about […]


books, building, mr. brown

hola, so… a quick update on brightmillion’s never ending recording process…..!!! i just finished constructing our new vocal booth/ isolation booth in our studio so now we can track some vocals and guitars at our own place, at our own pace… so far, it is sounding great, nice clean dry vocals, just what […]