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mr. ambulance really wants new tires….

mr. ambulance has been seeing a little roadway action lately.. i’ve been driving it around to get some miles under its belt before we do any long trips with it.. and good thing- in the past week i’ve had 2 flat tires! oh no!! turns out the tread was pretty good on them, but the […]


tax dollars actually useful…//?????

the bandbulance made its first unexpected stop this past week– on the side of the 110 freeway just north of downtown Los Angeles… FLAT TIRE! here i am, on the side of the freeway, cars zooming by at 70 MPH wondering… hmmm there seems to be a spare tire under there, but how do i […]


its april already…???

wow, time flies when your having fun… well, actually it flies either way, so your better off having fun 😉
first off, it is time to say farewell to trusty Bandvan. he has served us well, and even been worshipped by some:
for a long time now i’ve secretly known that there was a new path for […]