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its april already…???

wow, time flies when your having fun… well, actually it flies either way, so your better off having fun 😉
first off, it is time to say farewell to trusty Bandvan. he has served us well, and even been worshipped by some:
for a long time now i’ve secretly known that there was a new path for […]


i love craigslist

i was fortunate today to be on the receiving end of a very generous craigslister -who wanted to get rid of 2 55 gallon barrels and a barrel hand pump! she used to have a veggie car, but didnt anymore and wanted to get rid of her 2 barrels and pump….for free!! yippie!  she wasnt […]


gonna be an oil man

i always wanted to be an oil man. well, no actually i’ve never even thought about being an oil man.. BUT a veggie oil man, thats a different story completely!
now that the veg car “loosie” is rockin and rolling I’ve been on the quest for waste veggie oil (WVO) since the whole point is to […]


more vegcar action

i’ve been spending the nights of the last week locked up in the studio finishing a couple new songs…  meanwhile during the day, i’ve become a diesel mechanic… well let’s not carried away, i’ve learned a couple things about diesel engines and more specifically, diesel engines running on waste vegetable oil. so far so good […]