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selling out to the man

well, maybe not totally selling out… yet… but- we were able to “monetize” our youtube videos to have ads pop up when people watch them,,, and profit sharing of revenues generated by people clicking those ads. so, what does this mean? well, for one, we’re rich! ok, no, it doesnt mean that.. but it means […]


its april already…???

wow, time flies when your having fun… well, actually it flies either way, so your better off having fun 😉
first off, it is time to say farewell to trusty Bandvan. he has served us well, and even been worshipped by some:
for a long time now i’ve secretly known that there was a new path for […]


a few videos from the tour,…

we just got word that there are a couple videos from our radio show appearance at KDVS Davis, CA posted on YouTube!
thanks to KDVS radio Engineers Fenris & Anthony L.  & Video shot by: Xyphl  – myspace.com/xyphl  & http://www.youtube.com/user/xyphlDangelo


Onward & Upward TOUR officially announced!

fall tour is shaping up …. more shows added,, more record store appearances.. Hot Topic in stores to be announced soon, new TShirts… and more!  The tour poster art is another beautiful Heather Lloyd drawing!! (see more of her work at www.blackbirdflying.net) we have officially named the tour the “Onward & Upward Tour” !!
thanks to […]